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We strive for excellence by serving, leading and creating 
opportunities  through strategic partnerships.


What we do

Open Pit Mining

With our vast years of experience, we have been able to focus on open pit mining and as a result are very experienced.

Coastal Mining

We have branched out into coastal mining. One of our main priorities is environmental management.

Inland Alluvial Mining

With our scale and resources, we garner support to deliver on medium and large sized projects without complication.


We are driven by the old fashion tradition of corporate professional ethics that is comprised of Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Transparency. We endeavor to be honest and straightforward in all our dealings whether it's with an employee, a contractor, client or supplier.

This is the foundation of our mission to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time and within budget to maximise client satisfaction.



Our core values fuel our drive. We believe that it is fundamental these influence and direct our business in whatever project we are working on. Without these core values, we would not be able to create a positive impact on our customer's world.

Dignity & Respect

We treat all our clients with the utmost dignity and respect as a core aspect of our business.

Honesty & Loyalty

Our professional conduct is premised on pure honesty and loyalty.

High Satisfaction

We provide high levels of customer & supplier satisfaction.


Words from our Executives

Melvyn Louw


Our operations are carefully drafted and measured against a cost effective and sound financial system. This is done by developing and implementing strategies, procedures and business plans needed to enhance company growth. 

Cedrick Bruintjies


With our member base growing, and the increased support from industry, we are able to advocate more on behalf of the small mining sector. We employ more resources to liase with mining companies and deliver more value to our stakeholders.

Martin Van Rooi


AMCH has had the pleasure of working with small-scale mining firms and diamond-backed companies for many years, providing both mining operations and mining advice to the best of our capabilities meeting client's needs.

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The Way Forward

We strive for excellence to exceed expectations. Join us on our journey, always believing: Alone we are great, together we are formidable.

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